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The project Sleep in The City is based on citizen participation and their relationship to their city and to the Internet use of data.


Part one was first created  with the support of the Starts Residencies Project as part of the STARTS initiative of the European Commission, in collaboration with the Smart Aarhus City Lab ITK, Aarhus Kommune, with the support of ARoS Museum and Interaxon-Muse.


After a successful and enriching experience with  the city of Aarhus and with its inhabitants who participated enthusiastically in the project, we would like to repeat the experience with other European cities by taking the experiment further into Mindnet connections and data exploration.


We are looking for partnership with European cities, town halls and other institutions, that would be willing to finance the realization of Sleep In The City II.


We think that our project will interest cities in Europe because of its theme, the original use of IOT, of city data, and of public screens, and most importantly what it implies in terms of relationship between the city and its inhabitants.


1- Project videos

2- Technical description

3- Contact us to explore a new collaboration

Photos by: the Citizens of Aarhus, Walid Breidi, Virgile Novarina, Marie-Sol Pariente, Michelle Bach Lindstrøm.

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