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We are two artists working on the relationship of digital art with sleep.


Walid Breidi

After studying Sociology and Politics at the University of London (Birkbeck College), Walid moves to Paris where he works for an international engineering company. In the early 90's, he starts working in computer-assisted music, and the new technology opens up possibilities for him in multimedia and interactive creations. He becomes a founding member of a collective called Faim de Siècle, where he creates soundtracks for their performances and especially interactive installations. From there he evolves to the creation of public interactive multi-media installations. Walid also obtained a masters degree in Arts and Digital Creation and was a lecturer on digital creativity for ten years at the Paris-Est Marn La Vallée University. Central to Walid's work are the questions involving empowerment, the process of individual and collective creation, the unexpected, the duality between finished artistic objects and open processes, the relationship between the author of work and the public; creator of work. These questions are essential to him as a digital artist.

Walid's performances and installations have been presented in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.


Virgile Novarina

After studying Mathematics and Physics, Virgile Novarina (born in France in 1976) devoted himself to the artistic exploration of his own sleep through writings and drawings, and the sleep of others through photographs and films. He has published seven books of Night’s Writings and Drawings, and has exhibited his work in Europe and the United States. Since 2006 the very act of sleeping has become an integral part of his work, through the “En Somme” series of performances, during which he sleeps publicly in shop windows, galleries or museums. In 2010 Virgile Novarina met the digital artist Walid Breidi. Their encounter led to the creation of three projects involving sleep, brainwaves, interaction, and digital art: « La Bulle Paradoxale », « Sleep in the City », and « Quantum Dream » (the latter with the collective LABOFACTORY). In parallel, Virgile Novarina makes documentary films about artists he admires, including Jean Olivier Hucleux (From the Work to the Artwork), Eduardo Kac (Inner Telescope), and soon Pierre Pinoncelli (Have you taken your Pinoncelli today?).


Photos by: the Citizens of Aarhus, Walid Breidi, Virgile Novarina, Marie-Sol Pariente, Michelle Bach Lindstrøm.

​© 2020 Walid Breidi

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