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Walid Breidi

I'm a multidisciplinary artist who uses new technologies as a creative tool. This enables me to create lively, participatory works that are co-constructed with the public. More specifically, the works I create are based on the real-time use of the public's cerebral or physical input to create, control or modify the work. Through my work I seek to establish a dialogue with the audience, moving them beyond the passive position they are usually in, and offering them the opportunity to make the work their own through active participation.


I started out as a composer for shows by the "Faim-de-Siècle" collective. Computer Assisted Music led me to create interactive sound installations and later interactive video installations. I've been working in the field of Brain Art for around 10 years. In 2017, with sleep artist Virgile Novarina, we presented "La Bull Paradoxale" which is the first work using live sleep brainwaves. Then in 2018, I created 'Sleep in the City', which is also a first in the use of brainwaves with the Internet. In fact, I already have four Brain art projects to this date. My current project Reciprocal Brains project is a continuation of my practice and my approach and it is the most ambitious:

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