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Sleep In The City questions the consciousness of sleep in relation to that of wakefulness in a participative and social way. It also experiments with the Internet of Things and questions the use of the Internet and the idea of the network. Moreover, there is a discrepancy between the sleeper's inert appearance and the richness of his or her inner experience. We want to reduce this gap in the eyes of the viewer. The Sleep In The City project metaphorically produces a mental network of sleepers through the Internet of Things that could be a means to carry out citizen action for the greatest benefit of all, for creative and aesthetic purposes. It creates a contemplative aesthetic experience of the richness of sleep, involving the participation of citizens.


Spectators walking through the streets of the city and looking at the screens will thus see videos of their city taken during the day but transformed at night by their sleeping fellow citizens.

Learn more about the experience led in Aarhus

Photos by: the Citizens of Aarhus, Walid Breidi, Virgile Novarina, Marie-Sol Pariente, Michelle Bach Lindstrøm.

​© 2020 Walid Breidi

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